“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” —William Wordsworth

A few friends have looked at our initial blog posts and wondered what our purpose was.  My first response was:  When I know you will be the first I tell! Yet, digging deeper into the question brought out a few insights. I expect our intention will grow as we play together on beingandart.com.  Your comments will lead us.  This is our initial response...

Our Bernard Family blog is a web of thoughts, feelings, loves, and much more.  Being and Art.com is a web/log:  A journal-like collection of writings that may appear “Evergreen” and standing still, but are truly interactive.  The content evolves as we cooperate with readers.  The beauty in this web/log landscape is informative, educational, inspiring and communicative.  There is a dimension to blogging that is attractive to us.  We get to know each other through sharing our knowledge and experiences.  We desire to provide content in an interactive way that is helpful, valuable, informative, interesting, and relationship building.

We hope to become better writers, thinkers and more intentional as we focus on what is meaningful for each of us in our own writing ways. Our styles are different, yet what bonds us together is our passion for being, art and nature. The plan for the Being and Art pages is to post weekly. Our daughter will add to the Nature pages more organically! We are hoping you will check back in with us when you are moved to do so.  





We are excited to be writing our first entry on our Being and Art blog.  We are new to blogging, yet not to the art of being. Being and Art is a family blog written by a team:  a wife, a husband, and occasionally, our daughter.  Our intention is to contribute to, and participate in, the wellness of our world community by enlivening the topics of being, art and nature.   Our actions are dedicated to serving something bigger than ourselves. We start each composition by asking if what we are writing comes from being the person we are meant to be.  We are creating this blog as a way of collaborating with others who may find these topics helpful. 

As an introduction to us…

Jeanie describes herself as a Creative Expressionist.  She “plays” with various modes of expression:  writing, drawing, painting, knitting, art journaling, cooking, and sometimes combines it all.  She is eclectic, colorful, compassionate, and loves to laugh.  

Hilly is a philosopher.  In other words, he likes to integrate and synthesize what he reads, and retell it in a way that others can experience it.  He is a thoughtful educator and facilitator who is willing to ask the difficult questions, especially when he doesn’t know the answers

Alaina is a passionate environmentalist whose purpose comes from her love of nature.  She often can be found in the woods looking for salamanders under rocks, walking with her rescue dogs, or cooking a scrumptious vegetarian meal.  She is lively, dedicated, and fun to be with. 

You will get to know us more as you read our posts.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Making this blog more of a dialogue than a monologue, more community than individual, more play than work.

Happy Trails,

Jeanie, Hilly and Alaina Bernard

The Team from Being and Art.com 

There are four pages in this blog:  Welcome, Being, Art, and Nature.  On a mobile device, you can find the menu (3 lines) next to the Being and Art.com title. Comments are available on each page.